WordPress Site Cleaning Service

We provide cleaning up and repair services for hacked WordPress site. When you detect your WordPress site hacked, its is important for it to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid from being further penetrated by the hacker that has found its way into your site. 

The longer you let it be, the higher the chances that it will hurt your site SEO, and may got your server IP being blacklisted widely by firewall around the world.

And if your email hosted on the same server account it will increase probability of your business email domain will be used by hacker to further their hacking and spam campaign, which will causes your email domain to be blacklisted which might causes your important emails to be ended up into spam box or not arrive at all due to block at the receiving end. 

And the longer you wait, the higher the probability for sensitive data to be leaked to the hacker.


Our team consist of cyber security professional that experience in cleaning and repair dozens cases of hacked WordPress. For the services we provided, the workflow is as per below:




Before do any changes, our standard operation procedure is to do backup of the existing infected site. 

Collecting Data

We will do full review of the current customer WordPress installation including plugin, theme, and wordpress version in used.


With the data collected, we will do analysis for the customer and discuss for the next step if necessary based on the situation.


Threat Hunting

We begin threat hunting, remove all the files planted by hackers, disable all of the plugin and theme and remove the plugin that infected.


We began replacing the infected core files with original version of WordPress and plugin with the original plugin from it original repositories.


After repaired to its original files, we will start patching updating and upgrading all of the plugins and themes to the latest version available.


Plugin and Theme Audit

We will check all of the plugin and theme either it still supported by developer to the current date or has been abandoned. If it has been abandoned, we will discuss with the client to look for replacement as soon as possible.

Maintenance and Management

For the next 6 Month after the first cleanup, we will continue monitoring and managing security for the customer site with periodically website 1 per month backup, up to 3 backup depends on customer available space on server storage. As optional we will also offer to purchase reputable WordPress security plugin as additional protection for the customer.