About Us

Company Overview

Top Malaysian Computer and Technology Sell, Service and Distribution Company.

Company Vision and Mission


We will enable our users to enjoy the full potential of themselves by using the best top modern technology.


Working with ethical and passionate people, providing best solution at the best price with a 5 star support.

Company Values


We don’t take the easy way. We constantly push boundaries and are determined to make a difference.


We encourage honesty and fairness in everything we do. We have an ethical approach to business.


People need to know they can count on us. We work hard to live up to our promises, and to build trust and rapport.


We’re passionate, driven and determined to make difference. We believe in ourselves and what we do.

TOMOTE® History

TOMOTE® takes pride in its rich history and numerous achievements.
  • 2009Khairul Aizat Enterprise

    On march 2010, our founder started a business in IT Selling and Businesses under the name of Khairul Aizat Enterprise. Our company founded in Selangor Malaysia. A Proud Malaysian Indeed.
  • January 2011E Shop For You Global Solution

    As the business grows rapidly especially on online, we started to discuss on re branding our company name to match the current path growth of our business. As our sales are based mostly on online and world wide selling, we change the name to E Shop For You Global Solution.
  • April 2011Partnering with Kaspersky

    We became partner with Kaspersky Malaysia mainly on consumer products on their security solution. And then we became partner with WD and Kingston Malaysia Distributors to sells their products on our shop.
  • February 2012Expanding partnership on Software

    Our company make international partnership with Tonec Inc, to sell and supply their products in Malaysia.
  • March 2012Expanding partnership overseas on hardware

    An indeed very productive month and year for our company with the increasing in revenue, we decided to expand more of our partnership with Prolimatech and Arctics Siver to distribute and sells their products in Malaysia
  • January 2013Partnering with ESET

    Due to risen in revenue, and recent changes in Malaysian market, we chose to sign a partnership agreement with ESET in Consumer and Enterprises security solution.
  • Disember 2013Increasing in Endpoint Solution selling

    As much more of our customer requesting for Endpoints products, we decided to sign an agreement with Kaspersky and Bitdefender Endpoints products.
  • 2014Partnering with local Malaysia Hardware distributor

    With the extra last year revenue, we engage with local hardware distibutores such as HP, ASUS, Toshiba and many more but majorly to supply for SMB, company and enterprises users only.
  • 2016Internal company changes

    We discuss on where is exactly our company path are moving towards to. And decided to put the expanding business plan to the test, which lead to the founding of our subsidiaries company which is, Enaga Legacy and Kiub Axis Pro.
  • 2017Rebranding to Top Modern Technology

    As our business grow, we decided to once again re branding our company in order to pursue one true brand and trademarks that nobody use around the world, and we decided to use Top Modern Technology as the new company name and TOMOTE as its trademark. As our company growth, we also bring more products to our customer.
  • 2018We registered with Malaysia Ministry of Finance

    We have registered with Malaysia Ministry of Finance (MOF) with certificate ref no K10351992281942915. We are fully authorized to supply all IT related Services including Software (Leasing, Renting, Sales, Services), Hardware (Low End, High End, Sales and Services), Web Services, Office Supply and Electronic Supplies.
  • Bitdefender Malaysia
  • Eset Malaysia
  • Symantec Malaysia
  • Winzip Malaysia
  • Transcend Malaysia

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- Sharezan Mokhtar | Malaysia-