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Protecting over


users worldwide.

With machine learning analyzing threat on Bitdefender Global Protection Network. Protect your enterprise against the full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats with speed and accuracy.

How does Bitdefender GravityZone protect you from Virus Malware and Ransomware?

As an adaptive layered security solution, Bitdefender GravityZone provides multiple anti-ransomware capabilities, having all its layers work together for prevention, detection and remediation.

Machine learning anti-malware solution is automatically trained based on 1 trillion samples from over 500 million endpoints worldwide. Regardless of how much the malware or ransomware is modified, Bitdefender can accurately detect new ransomware patterns, in both pre-execution and run-time mode.
Advanced anti-exploit – Ransomware writers often use “exploit kits” that take advantage of zero-day or un-patched vulnerabilities to gain a foothold in systems. By focusing on attack techniques, Bitdefender protects your systems and prevents ransomware from spreading.
Anti-ransomware Vaccine – additional anti-ransomware defense layer that works by exploiting flaws in the ransomware’s method of spreading, and stops it from encrypting.
Early Detection
Real-time process monitoring - GravityZone solution monitors running processes and stops ransomware activities in their tracks, such as registry key modification, file read / write / encryption action.
Remediation / Clean up
Solution has the ability to terminate a malicious process, roll back changes and clean up.

Choose the offer that best suits your needs

GravityZone is one business solution that can be installed locally or hosted by Bitdefender. Antivirus, Antimalware with proactive heuristic detection, multi-layered anti-ransomware defense, powerful anti-exploit, Firewall, and Device Control are included in each of the 3 options below.

Bitdefender GravityZoneBusiness SecurityBitdefender GravityZoneAdvanced Business SecurityBitdefender GravityZoneEnterprise Security
Ideal for small businesses looking
for simple security
Recommended to midsized companies looking for comprehensive protectionFlexible solution for larger organizations with datacenters using virtualization
Windows 10 compatibleWindows 10 compatibleWindows 10 compatible
Console Option

Let Bitdefender host the console or host in the local infrastructure.

Cloud Console recommended

On-premise console available

Cloud and on-premise console options availableOn-premise Console
Physical desktops

Protection for Windows, Mac, or Linux desktops.

Physical servers

Protection for Windows, Mac, or Linux servers.

Virtual desktops

Protection for Windows, Solaris, Linux virtual desktops.

Virtual servers

Protection for Windows, Solaris, and Linux virtual servers.

Microsoft Exchange

Server protection and antispam.

Mobile Devices

Control and secure Android and iOS devices.

Available on-premise only
Datacenter licensing

Dedicated CPU licensing for virtual servers.

Smart Centralized Scanning

Ability to offload scanning to central dedicated appliance.

Monthly licensing for MSPs

Available through the dedicated solution for Managed Service Providers.

Purchased separately
Amazon Web Services instances

Protection for AWS machines managed from the same cloud console. Purchased Separately.

Purchased separatelyPurchased separately
More cost-effective
more cost-effective
Each Sold Separately
More Flexible

Covers servers and desktops. Max 30% of the units covered by the license can be servers.

Covers desktops, servers or mobiles (servers no more than 35% of the total) + Exchange mailboxes.

Each item can be purchased separately and can be activated based on its own license key.