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Cloud Manage

Suitable for less complex solution and features without IT team without sacrificing protection.

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Wide range of solutions from basic to complex and an advance protection features.

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Endpoint Security with Simplified Management on cloud without Sacrificing Protection

Product Features
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus
Security Features
File, Web, Mail Threat protection
Ransomware and Exploit prevention
Network Attack Blocker
Vulnerability Scan
Mobile Protection
Two mobile devices per user
Two mobile devices per user
Cloud Discovery
Manageability Features
Cloud Blocking
Security for Microsoft Office 365
Web Control
Device Control
Encryption management
Patch management


Endpoint Security with on premise administration console to fulfill more complex security needs for enterprises with more advance layer of protection. For organization with more than 300 devices, free upgrade to use advance Kaspersky Security Center that hosted on the cloud instead on premise.

Product Features
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Business Select
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Business Advance
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Business Total
Defense for PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Defense for application and terminal servers
Defense for web gateways and email servers
Mobile Threat Defense
Application, Web & Device Controls for PCs
Vulnerability Assessment, Behavior Detection, Exploit Prevention, Remediation Engine
Environment variable permissions and HIPS
Data export via Syslog
Kaspersky Sandbox and Kaspersky EDR Optimum integration
Web, Email threat protections and controls for servers
Adaptive Anomaly Control and Patch ManagementAdaptive Anomaly Control and Patch Management
Encryption and OS-built-in encryption management
SIEM integration, OS & third-party software installation
Inbound and outbound content filtering
Anti-spam protection at gateway level
Web traffic security and web controls at gateway level


Targeted Security Solutions offer a cost-effective way to put Kaspersky technologies precisely where you need them.

Kaspersky Security for
Mail Server

  • For Microsoft Exchange and Linux Mail
  • Scans incoming, outgoing & stored mail
  • Intelligent spam filtering reduces traffic
  • Prevents the loss of confidential data

Kaspersky Security for
Microsoft Office 365

  • Protect the mail and storage components of the Microsoft Office 365 suite: Exchange Online and OneDrive.
  • Make use of the most sophisticated technologies for your security and at the same time enjoy a quick start thanks to predefined policies and auto configuration.

Kaspersky Security for
Internet Gateway

  • Scans HTTP(s), FTP, SMTP & POP3
  • Governs internet usage
  • Protects multiple infrastructures through a multi-tenancy architecture

Kaspersky Hybrid
Cloud Security

  • Multi-layered threat protection for workloads and virtual desktops.
  • Unified management and orchestration across the entire hybrid infrastructure.
  • Scenario-specific protection for increased resource efficiency.

Kaspersky Vulnerability
& Patch Management

  • Minimize IT security risks
  • Automate vulnerability assessment
  • Distribute patches, updates & applications

Kaspersky Security for

  • Unified, fault-tolerant architecture
  • Minimal impact on NAS performance
  • Highly scalable storage security

Kaspersky DDOS

  • Global network of data traffic ‘cleaning centers’
  • Seamless integration with no additional hardware
  • Protection from the most complex and high-volume attacks

Kaspersky Automated
Security Awareness Platform

  • Online Cyber Security education for company staff
  • Minimize Cyber Security incident risk caused by company staff
  • Comprehensive Toolset